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The manufacture of metal constructions and elements of the metal structures. Metals treatment and coating – painting in electrostatic field.

Certificari ISO

STEELCO has implemented and is maintaining a Quality Management System.

Metal Confections Technology

Waterjet Cutting

An important advantage of the waterjet cutting device is the ability to cut materials without affecting their structure.

The minimizing of the effects of the heat allows the materials that will be processed to not change their internal properties.


Services Metal confections

The state of the art technology gives us the advantage to be able to manufacture metal parts of any type of difficulty.


Metal confections


Services provided by Steelco

The waterjet cutting is considered worldwide to be a "green technology".

The waterjets do not generate dangerous waste and they greatly reduce the costs to remove them. Big pieces of reusable wastes can be cut, which would have otherwise been lost by using the traditional cutting methods.

The fact that the water jet creates a very small cutting area is an advantage as the material can be worked to the maximum.

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