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STEELCO offers you the processing of your materials at the highest quality standards using state of the art equipment.


This system abrasively cuts complex flat parts from a majority of materials such as: metal, plastic. Glass, ceramics, stone and composite materials directly from a CAD or DXF file. Extremely hard, reflecting or non-conductive materials can also be cut, giving the Maxiem machine added value. The parts are directly cut using a unique catching system that will dramatically reduce the setting, using, processing and finalizing time.

The dimension of the max. sheet size: 1500mmx3000mm

SMART 120 DMP CNC SM 120-30

Smart 1200-30 is intended both for small series cutting and big series cutting, for a large range of materials. The synchronization system is based on the proportional valves technology which ensures maximum bending accuracy and repeatability.

Abkant CNC 120tf, bending of profiles with up to 3020mm length, simple and multiple bendings performed successively at different angles.

The electronically programmed control that we use is CYBELEC DNC 60, which is very easy to use and has a high capacity to process data.

The calibration is made at the start of the processes with automatic indexing on the axes. The monobloc k frame is made of welded steel with increased rigidity.


The industrial hydraulic cutter for sheet cutting 50TF, with monobloc k frame made of welded steel and with increased rigidity. The knives used are of a superior quality (made in Germany).

Cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets with thickness of up to 5-6mm and cut length of max. 4000mm.


Rolling machines

Profile bending machines

Drilling machines

Milling machines

Turning machines (lathes)

Welding machines

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